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For Six Rock & Roll Hall of Famers

and Seven Blues Hall of Famers,


So far, in 2023 alone, we have TOPPED THE CHARTS

with the CASH BOX KINGS “Oscar’s Motel,”

and DERRICK’s “Hello Mojo” albums,

and Johnny Rawls, Patti Parks and Zac Harmon

are up next.

Feast your ears on our 

fresh, fiery, fun and crowd-grabbin’

Blues, Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues:

Road-Tested Hits and Hits-to-Be 

waiting for you to make them your own.

If you don’t love what you hear,

we’ll write one that you do.

The latest song updates

February 17, 2022

Derrick & Terry have been hard at work writing future hits for a variety of artists. 2021 saw the release of Patti Parks' CD WHOLE NOTHER WORLD on the Booga Music/VizzTone Label. Patti's hard hitting and R&B drenched take on their song NO MEANS NO was an album standout. Produced by revered Bluesman Kenny Neal, Patti's CD leapt to the top of the Blues charts. Patti Parks Band

June 5, 2022

Derrick & Terry's four co-writes keyed the rise of Derrick's latest release,

HELLO MOJO on the esteemed Catfood Record label to the top of the Roots charts.

Besides the title track, D & T penned the opening song, SKIN IN THE GAME, as well as COLOR OF AN ANGEL &  A TALL GLASS OF YOU. The album also includes a couple of Derrick solo originals, a few co-writes with Bob Trenchard and a crazy cool cover of a Kinks classic, WHO'LL BE THE NEXT IN LINE. Produced by BMA winner Zac Harmon ( who also guests with some powerhouse blues guitar solos) this record is set to turn D & T into household names in the Blues world.

Get YOUR copy here:


2022 Started off with a bang as Big Llou Johnson released his long overdue follow-up CD, BIG MAN. Already a well known voice in the Blues world as the voice SiriusXM's BB King's Bluesville, MC for Legendary Blues Cruise and the BMA's. It quickly rose to the top of every Blues chart on the strength of Llou's name, excellent production and top notch songs. Here's what Blues Blast Magazine had to say about Derrick & Terry's contribution to the album featuring the spectacular violinist Anne Harris:  

“Never Get Over Me,” the most interesting tune in the set, opens as a ballad with layered strings, picks up speed and professes that the singer’s such a great lover that he’ll be on his lady’s mind long after they’ve parted."

BigLlou Johnson

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